Memories of things past

Apologies to Proust, but months of Covid-19 lockdown has the effect that we end up dwelling on fond memories of a now seemingly distant past.

I can’t even remember the last time I saw a sunset with the sun on the horizon!

So here are a few of a shoot with the wonderful Australian model Saskia.


Hoping we get out of lockdown soon, best wishes all during these tough times!

Some insights from models

Life is too short not to enjoy what you would love to do – perhaps even better when you get paid for it – as long as everyone understands the boundaries and respects each other’s wishes and safety.

If you talk to art nude models – they generally really love what they do and Covid has caused them grief in not being able to do shoots and the realisation of how much they really do love it despite the odd apparently inevitable unwelcome interactions in the industry.

Firstly, a recent IG post from the world famous model Katya Clover:

“I often get a question about my favorite styles of shooting. I was thinking about it and realized there are 3 of them: art nude, nudist and “nude in public” styles.

The first one, art nude, I like as it’s very interesting to work with different emotions, posing, its always different depending from the artist I work. Some photographers like classy nude posing, some prefer wild and extraordinary, it’s always a creative process. I am excited to express the idea of an artist, it’s a team work: we talk and discuss how we can make it true. It’s a magical and mutual process of creating something new and special.

Nudist style of shooting I like as it’s a true me, it’s a very natural free shooting where I don’t play any role, I am just in the environment as I am. It’s amazing to see the result as you can feel that the shot was made just from the moment and I am usually smiling, joyful and happy there. I am in the nature, in a harmony, on the right place.

And the last but not the least is “nude in public”. I do it only in the place where it’s legal and not harmful for any religious/cultural norms or mentality, it’s very important for me to respect people and country where I am. I like it as it’s fun, naughty and adventurous! It’s like a game where you need to be fast, creative and a bit crazy 😜 always laughing during this kind of shooting, if someone see me I just smile”

Katya can be found all over the web but her Instagram account is here.

Unfortunately I have not had the pleasure of working with her and I don’t think she has toured Australia as yet.

Secondly, a shout out to a great eBook by Australian model Riley Jade:

Riley is an awesome model to work with, always happy and smiling and just great fun to shoot with.

She shares many important aspects and tips for both models and photographers in this very affordable and, I would say essential read for everyone who participates in model shoots.

You will also find some of my imagery of her in the eBook which I am proud to have had the privilege of taking and her wanting to use in this well presented publication.

Riley’s Instagram account is here.

You can purchase and download it here.

A 1970’s Sara Moon high-key look

I have always love the paintings by Sara Moon from the 1970’s which became extremely popular and very distinctive – see her official website here.

An example of which is:

I have created a few images from a shoot pre-Covid which remind me very much of this style albeit as soft, sensual, art nudes of one of my favorite models Sylph Sia.


hmm some artefacts showing in the background of this which I will have to remedy one day.


Perhaps on another shoot I might intentionally aim for an even closer portrayal of the Sara Moon style.

Now we all thought that Sara must be some cute hippy girl from the 70’s but it turns out that the artist was actually a guy called Bijan of Persian background born in Tehran in 1939 and that Sara Moon was a nom de plume!

Nevertheless I still love his work.

Covid-19 induced social distancing has hit Australia too

So far we have been lucky, but it seems our good fortune may be changing very soon as Covid-19 cases rapidly increase and community spread becomes problematic.

We as a species are not designed for social distancing for prolonged periods and many will find it tough, but tougher still will be those who have lost their jobs and those who will inevitably lose their loved ones.

GC1207490 copy-1

In the mean time we must all practice social distancing and hand hygiene to decrease the health impacts especially upon the more vulnerable.


DSC019340 copy-1


This will end.


and our longing to be able to meet with our friends will be over…



Thank you to my muse Evelyn.

More bushfire angst and the need for action

This is a post by Mieka who wrote the following poem and used this image I shot of her:


My heart feels sad and my body feels heavy.
There’s a deep feeling of hopelessness wanting to drag me down.
It makes me feel numb.

So much needs to change, so much….

Anger and frustration arises from the depth of my being.
I just want to scream: ” Can’t you see ? The world is on fire !! Can’t you see ?!?!
But I stay silent,
putting the weight of the world on my shoulders….

I feel so heavy and I’m about to drown when I hear a soft whisper:
” No don’t give in, don’t give into this game – stay open !! ”

My entire perception changes when I realize that this is exactly what brought us here.
Anger, Frustration, Numbness- it won’t lead us anywhere!!

I breathe deeply and feel how my body relaxes.
I let it go,
I find peace in all that is.
And from this moment of peace the feeling of hope sinks even more deeply into my being than ever before.

I have trust in humanity.
I believe in love and compassion.
It is happening. We are changing.

I am not alone !
I am one of many…
We are a team, aren’t we ?!?

Our daily choices have a huge impact on this beautiful planet that we call home.
What world would you like to leave behind for your children ?

We can all do our part !
So please take responsibility.
Please choose wisely.
It’s not that hard ….

What food do you eat ?
Which companies do you support ?
How much waste do you produce every day ?

Do your research and take action .

It’s up to us to make the change and
I believe in us !
📷 taken by the wonderful Gary Rogers